As a wellness coach, I help people to develop complete fitness and nutrition plans that fit their lifestyles. I motivate and empower people to feel amazing, energized and confident to make physical and spiritual health their top priority.

After years of self-criticizing every part of my body and constantly focusing on what was wrong with it, I discovered that learning to love yourself is a process that is totally worthwhile. Being self-critical is tiring and depressing. After the birth of my first child, I realized how motherhood would be a huge game changer.  Where could I find the time to do what I really enjoy?? I had always had a decent level of fitness but how and when could I fit this in??? Being a busy professional and now a mother of 2, my energy level was down and the feelings of “I am not good enough” were creeping up frequently.  The day I walked in the yoga studio with my then 4 month old, it just clicked! That day I decided to put myself first and work on the best version of me. My mindset switched and I learned to be grateful for what I have and learned to be happy.

Working on both my physical and spiritual wellbeing brought an amazing sense of fulfilment and joy.

Today, I feel strong, confident, healthy, loving and happy. I learned to care about how I feed and care for  my body and mind. I discovered what motivates me and what I am truly passionate about. I feel sexy again and ready to accomplish what is important to me in my life. I learned to let go of my own excessive expectations and of what others may think. Putting my health as a priority brings an abundance of positive energy. I am grateful for life!

My passion for health and wellness has taken such a huge role in my life that after 15 years as an Insurance professional, I made the decision to trust the universe and the timing of my life and leave that career behind to focus on my higher purpose. With hard work, patience and dedication, I am building my wellness coaching business.  It is, without a doubt, what I want to share with the world. Empowering others to develop healthy habits so they can feel better about themselves is my life purpose, I know it!

I am a CanFit Pro certified personal trainer, a YTT 200 Yoga teacher and a holistic nutritionist. I work with my clients towards integrating wellness as part of their lives. I customize every program to fit my client’s needs. My programs include a nutrition component with a focus on whole food, a home exercise program which fits your busy lifestyle and stress management elements with a spotlight on organizational strategies and meditation. I believe that my clients can learn to create the time they need to make it all happen! My program also includes yoga and pranayama (breathing) techniques. I offer support, guidance and feedback to each client to help them reach their personal goals and optimal health.

On my own journey, I have learned to accept myself for who I am and be grateful for life. I made the decision to shed my fears and go after what makes me feel good and happy. I am a mother, a wife, a yogini and a coach. I strive to listen, understand and create solutions that work for my clients. I am not about crazy unsustainable workouts or starvation. I stand for whole foods and an active lifestyle that you will integrate into your family life. Adding a focus on emotional health will make a huge difference in your life. My program will make you feel confident, happy and sexy. Are you ready to be the healthiest you today and for the rest of your life?

I have a true passion for yoga and love to invite my kids to join in yoga games.  “Yoga parties” are always welcome in my house! I love biking, hiking and paddle boarding. I truly enjoy the calming experience of SUP yoga (yoga on a stand up paddleboard) especially, staring up at the sky in savasana. Challenging my comfort zone with my yoga practice in the middle of the lake brings a sense of peace that I don’t find anywhere else. Gardening in my backyard and cooking delicious seasonal local food brings me joy. I am lucky enough to live in a quaint beach town so we take full advantage and swim as often as possible!

Are you ready to put yourself first
and make your health your top priority?

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