Unplug & Recharge

Initially published in 20216

Taking time for you, for recharging your battery is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle (and one of the best parts too!!). Life can get busy, all year long we have to be on top of everything that is happening. On my side, the last 15 months have been exciting, empowering, challenging and also tiring. I have put so much of my energy into my amazing business project that I have had very little time for myself. That is, until last week!

Anything better than a well deserved vacation? I think not! Time for some self-care with no guilt!
It was time for my family and I to unplug and recharge!
And I mean that almost literally. No phone, no electronics, no media and no outside reminders of what is going on in the “real world”. Just family time!

For the week, we ventured off to Muskoka in an amazing little rental cottage that suited us just fine. Nothing fancy, just a nice place on the lake where we could all let go of the stress, the expectations, the routine and everything else that comes with it.

On the way up there, I realized that the addiction to my phone was real. On the 4 hour drive, I must have reached for it at least 6 times… Sad. I was so glad I had simply decided to leave it at home so there would be no temptation. It felt amazing not to be tied to my device for a whole week. Who cares what is happening on social medias or how many emails are piling in when you have time to be with your loved ones in nature?

For a week I sat, I read, I played, I ate, I slept, I practiced yoga and went on paddleboard adventures. It was so much fun to actually sit down and play boardgames and cards with my kids. Something we don’t do enough of at home. No schedule, nowhere to go just taking in the amazing scenery from our little private dock. Breathing in fresh air, watching sunsets and hugging each other. Wow, we had the time of our lives!

After a week of R & R, I am totally ready to kick ass and rock my projects! I am more determined than ever to reach my goals. I feel refreshed, recharged and ready to jump back into this exciting journey that is my life. I feel like I am able to see more clearly where I am headed and how I am going to get there. I think the fresh air helped!!

I am full of love, I am relaxed. Watch me go now!

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