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Calm & Confident 

Group Coaching Program to focus on your habits and well-being.

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I re-designed this program for a women who:

  • Tends to set the bar high (maybe too high) for herself
  • Starts strong but losses focus after a few weeks/months
  • Needs accountability to keep moving forward
  • Has been trying on her own for and thinks that it might be finally the time to join a community of kick ass women to reach her goals

Seriously, let's do this together! 


We have almost wrapped up the second month of 2021, how are doing with that?

If you take a moment to pause, how are you actually feeling physically and emotionally? 

Be honest - whatever your answer is, is ok!

I admit, it certainly hasn’t been the easiest time to stay motivated and reach our goals.  Do you agree? 

This lack of motivation that we’ve all been feeling is exactly why I have re-designed my Calm & Confident Group Coaching program to introduce to you for the month of March. 

This program helped many women at the beginning of the pandemic to make major shifts in their thinking, despite what the world was facing.  I want it to help you now too!

I am designing this group with you in mind, no matter where you are in your life right now!  This group will be accessible, affordable and offer HUGE value to help you move the needle forward in your life.  I am committed to helping you with amazing tools so you can improve your well-being in one spot!

Because this is my first time launching this revamped program and because I want as many of you as possible to experience it, I am offering it at a ridiculously low price.   

I am a firm believer that all the changes we are seeking actually start with clarity and a positive mindset. From there, we can build our confidence and motivation to keep moving forward.

I also know that support from others is key. If you are trying this alone right now, please stop. Finding a group of women who have your back will, without a doubt, help you stay consistent and focused. 


Calm & Confident is a 1 month coaching program will help you gain clarity about what goals you actually want to achieve. You will take the first steps forward to reach your main goal, figure out what helps you to stay motivated and learn to give yourself grace when things get tough.  This is a taste of what kind of change can come from working with me.


The program starts in.... 









Registration now closed, join the waitlist

Michelle, 2020 participant

"Amélie has really provided me with tangible tools to show up for myself. Every call I’ve had an ah-ha moment!! With this amazing group of women I feel like I have an entire Army of cheerleaders behind me who absolutely inspire me."

Shannon, 2020 participant 

"This group has allowed me a safe space to be with others and share stories and ideas. I have learned so much and I can see how my self confidence has gotten stronger. I am very thankful for Amelie and allowing this program to be possible. The tools that she has showing us are perfect"

Meet your Coach!

Hi! I'm Amélie, a nature lover and a wellness expert. I am a coach on a mission to empower others to create happiness in their lives with simple habits. 

My superpower is meeting people where they are. I love the opportunity to accompany, motivate and support my clients on their journey to well-being. I help them find clarity, take action and give themselves grace in the process. 

I am the child of nature, I connect to the elements daily to stay grounded and connected. Nature is at the root of my teaching. I find pleasure in all seasons and aim to help others explore the beauty of their inner seasonal patterns.

I am a mother of 2, wife and a community leader. 

I look forward to become your guide and your cheerleading on this journey!

What are you waiting for?

Let's do this together!! 

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