Client Spotlight- Meet Lara

Meet Lara, a passionate business owner, mother, wife and community leader.

I met Lara in the spring of 2018 and from our first conversation I was immediately drawn to her personality and drive.

Lara owns Blue Harvest Hair Design and Spa just east of Simcoe, in Norfolk County. This stylist extraordinaire creates a high quality and elevated salon experience for each of her clients which makes every visit to her beautiful space so special!

Her salon offers breathtaking views of her family farm where Lara is also invested in the family business, which offers plant trials for various breeders. Every summer, this farm is home to hundreds of beautiful, colorful and unique flowers. We first connected about hosting some self-care events in her outdoor space and eventually we started working together in other ways. In the summer of 2018, I had the privilege of hosting 2 yoga events on this amazing family farm.

Lara on a beautiful farm

What truly impresses me about Lara is her willingness to continually invest in herself.  Being a mother to 2 small children is not an easy task, especially when you are self-employed and married to a farmer! Long hours for her husband during his busy season means that she also has to manage the household as well, however none of this stops her from working on being the best version of herself!

In order to pursue her dreams of being an innovative salon owner and to help her manage her physical and emotional health as well as other aspects of her life, Lara is willing to align herself with professionals (like me!) to guide her and help her reach her goals.

Over the last year, Lara committed to my 3-month wellness program and my 60 Mindset Reset program to continue leveling up her life. She is interested in fitness and nutrition for her whole family as well as learning, meditation and mindfulness. These techniques are helping her stay focused on what is most important to her.

Lara is a community minded person who loves to connect people. She has a strong faith and often gets involved in various groups and fundraisers. The family business donates to the local hospital each year and her salon offers various incentives to help local people in need. Lara is truly a salon owner with a big heart!

It wasn’t a hard decision for me to decide to become one of her clients also.  I love going to see her, she makes me feel so comfortable and I trust her suggestions regarding my hair. Each time I enter her salon, I feel confident that I will leave feeling amazing! She cares about my experience and is always willing to elevate it!

Congratulations Lara on being an inspiration for many other entrepreneurs, you rock!