Corporate Health & Wellness Program

I work with companies that are ready to make a substantial impact on their bottom line through making a commitment to their employee’s health. Corporate health programs are key to retaining good employees and essential to today’s competitive business world. My customized programs are creative and innovative and will engage employees to quickly change their mindset about their overall health.

After working for 15 years in a senior management position in the insurance industry, I have a unique insight to bring to your health program. I saw first hand what happens when employees are unmotivated, tired, overweight and are overall, in poor physical and emotional health.

We can change this costly pattern now. Research clearly shows that putting a focus on your employee’s health will decrease the cost of your benefits, lower your rate of absenteeism and improve your employees productivity and efficiency.

Humans need to be challenged and stimulated in different ways, depending on the business’s goal, I can provide:

  • Assessment of the corporate culture and collection of data in order to understand where employees are at with respect to their satisfaction, absenteeism, stress levels in order to create a customized Health and Wellness program.
  • Provide tools, activities, information and inspiration to target results that are beneficial to their work performance such as:
    – Increase energy to enable employees to perform at their highest level
    – Increased flexibility and strength to improve posture and reduce pain and aches
    – Improved memory, focus and concentration through breathing and mindfulness
    – Weight management that will decrease chances of heart and other chronic diseases
    – Improve social interaction between employees to enhance communication and connection to the workplace
    – Cultivate better eating habits to boost immune system and lower rate of absenteeism.
  • Regular check ins to ensure that energy, enthusiasm and commitment towards the program remains high.
  • Facilitate the support or participation in local/ national events that promote active living, raise awareness or raise funds for important causes while improving the image of the corporation.
  • Initiate and manage corporate fitness challenges within the workplace such as weight loss, quitting smoking, exercise routines and more
  • Lunchtime seminars on topics such as:
    – Tips towards a healthy lifestyle that you can integrate in your life now
    – Stress management techniques
    – Office yoga for the not flexible
    – Menu planning that your family will love
    – Exercise routines that you can do at home
    – Creating time to focus on your health goals
    – Lunch time routines that will empower you to get out of your chair
  • Provide material and educative resources that will help employees understand how to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  • Continuously monitor progress and track results of your program while making changes to improve results and introduce new topics as your employees’ health conditions improve.

An employee wellness program just makes good business sense.
Healthy and Happy employees translate to
happy customers.

Ready for changes in your corporate culture?

Let’s talk now about how my corporate health program will be transformational for your employees, your clients and your overall profitability.