Healthy solutions that work for you! As a wellness coach, Amelie helps to develop complete wellness plans that focus on physical and mental health. Her focus is integrating her client’s family, passions and lifestyle to switch their mindset and find lasting solutions. Her personalized programs empower her clients to find time for themselves. After 15 years, as a busy professional, Amelie decided to trust the universe and focus on her true purpose; helping others to achieve optimal health. As a wife and mother of 2 active children she is passionate about developing healthy habits that the whole family can be a part of.

Amelie is a certified personal trainer, a certified yoga teacher and holistic nutritionist. She combines her passion to create a unique approach to a healthy lifestyle. She provides support and motivation every step of the way. She stands for whole foods and active lifestyle for the whole family.


Expertise/ Speaking points

Mindfulness at home and work

I discuss what mindfulness is and how you may integrate it easily into your life. I engage with participants by leading them through easy techniques that will enable them to connect with their breathe. My simple approach makes the participants connect to the concept of mindfulness and feel empowered to incorporate gratitude, meditation and other strategies into their personal and professional life.

Being active with your family

Yoga with kids

I discuss how having little people at home can be challenging to fit in an exercise routine. Life is busy; I get it, but your excuses will keep you away from being fit unless you find ways to make it fun! I will show you how asking your kids to join you in physical activities can be the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. I provide suggestions, ideas, and workouts that can fit in your family life. Setting a positive example can be highly formative for your little one(s). Thinking outside the box can transform your family time into a world of adventures!

Creating the time you need to accomplish your goals

meditation breathing

I discuss how difficult it can be to juggle a career, a family, a home, and everything else that is important to us. I provide tools to switch your mindset in order to create time for yourself. I will provide organizational strategies to make your life easier and reduce stress. Learning to breathe and meditate can be transformational for your overall health. I will guide you on how to connect with yourself and teach you how to let go of your own excessive expectations. Learning to be grateful for every day will bring an abundance of positive energy into your life.

Easy tips towards a healthy lifestyle

breakfast granola

I discuss how we all put a huge amount of pressure on ourselves everyday to be the best partner, best parent, best employee… Putting ourselves first is necessary for our physical and emotional health. I provide tools to switch your mindset and overcome this challenge. Implementing healthy habits does not have to be complicated. I provide strategies that you can integrate in your life now. Your path to a healthy life is at your fingertips.

Company profile


6 Month Transformational
Nutrition and Fitness Program

It starts with a complete lifestyle assessment of the client’s fitness level, eating patterns, and emotional state. From there, we work together on a customized program that provides the tools required to sustain a healthy lifestyle.  I help my clients to switch their mindset and integrate health and wellness into their lives. I offer continual support, guidance and motivation in order for my clients to reach optimal health.  We schedule regular weekly sessions and checkins to hold them accountable every step of the way.  

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