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Spring Awakening

March 20 is Spring Equinox - a day when we experience the balance of the day and the night, with equal amounts of light and dark on the same day.  What better time to put your happiness at the forefront, release some stress and set yourself up for a joyful spring! This 90 minute online workshop will help you reconnect with yourself so you can decide what you need in your life during this season.  Our time together is designed to help you not only reflect and renew, but to be intentional about it.  You will ask yourselves some tough questions, welcome the answers and leave feeling refreshed and focused with a plan of action that feels exciting for you.  This workshop includes exercises for your mind, body and soul. Participate in a spring celebration ritual to bring positive energy and set intentions Turn inward with a guided meditation focused on reflection and renewed life Celebrate the season with gentle movement Gain personal awareness through questions to help you on your journey Journal to regain focus on your next steps and plan of action. Spring is a season full of joy! Everything's becoming alive again and so are you after months of hibernating. You probably have been thinking about projects and ideas through winter and it’s finally time to plant some “seeds” for what you want to create this spring and beyond. This workshop is for you if: You want to practicing self-care and sometime find it hard time slowing down  You are ready to come out of hibernating after the past few months in lockdown You find self-care challenging in terms of creating space for it in your life  You are unsure about what self-care actually means and what to do practice it  You want to be intentional with your life and want a focus You are ready to celebrate spring and its awakening with new insights You enjoy the benefits of guided meditation and self-reflection Taking time to reflect cultivates insight, perspective on what is important, and awareness in your life.. By gaining awareness before you take action, you create opportunities to become more aligned with who you are and who you want to be. Let’s welcome spring intentionally together!

$40.00 (tax included)