Renee- Coaching Client- Simcoe, on

I recently completed my 6 months session with Amelie and I am very pleased with the outcome. Being active and eating healthy has always been a struggle for me and I was always jumping on and off the fitness/diet train. I felt frustrated with myself at times and needed some guidance and support. This is when I decided to reach out to Amelie for help. Her approach is authentic, no tricks up her sleeve, no secrets antidotes but simply a commitment to guide you every step of the way. Amelie was able to help me determine my areas of struggle and with that create goals that were attainable and sustainable. Her connectedness during this process is something I really valued, always feeling like I was a priority. From this experience I feel like I have gained a friendship as well as self-confidence mentally and physically. Most importantly though, I have the skills and knowledge to continue this lifestyle. Thank you Amelie!!