Shannon ~ Online Coaching Client

“I started coaching with Amelie when I was at a very low point in my life.  Amelie used different strategies and exercises to help me see my true self, by taking off the many masks I wear to hide and “protect” myself.  I am now confident, proud to say I LOVE ME, and am ready to take on a very new challenge in my life – a step I never would have had the courage to take 6 months ago.  I’m living life on my terms now – in simplicity and happiness.  Amelie – you’ve changed my life.”

Ted & Denise ~ Coaching Client ~ Waterford

My wife met Amelie at a Women, Wine and Wellness day at Bonnieheath and was so impressed with her group Yoga session and talk that she recommended we investigate hiring her for couples coaching for us.   We were at a stage in our life with grown children,  working full-time and recently downsized from large house in Brantford to smaller footprint in Norfolk County,  wanted to look at our lifestyle and really focus on our health, individually and as a couple
Meeting with Amelie weekly over 6 month period yielded an in-depth look at our relationships with people, food, work and really made us take a hard look at what we are doing daily to live life to the fullest.    Amelie challenged us in a persistent yet kind manner,  coaching us to make small changes every week,  be accountable and yet also be flexible to change our plan where it made sense.
We are thrilled with the results,  and continue our commitment with our own weekly sessions and goal setting  to continue this as a lifelong journey.    We also look forward to continued contact with Amelie in her special events and posts.    We strongly recommend her help and guidance to anyone interested in seriously looking at wellness goals

Mary-Ellen ~ Coaching Client

Challenger. Kind. Intuitive.Respectful. These are the 4 words that  are top of mind when I think of my 6 months spent with Amelie in her coaching program. She listened to me, challenged me, helped me see & realize  that small incremental steps to change,  is the path to long-lasting change...be it personal, in relationships, the workplace, the community. I feel healthier, stronger, and more energetic! [ and I don’t have to be perfect!] Her deep love for all things Nature is contagious....and I have gladly caught this “ virus”. As a life-long Norfolkian, this import has shown me the beauty of my Norfolk home...What a welcome addition to our community. Thank you Amelie. I would highly recommend  you and your services to those who are  ready to make  positive changes in their life.

Amélie ~ Cliente en coaching

J’ai eu la chance de travailler avec Amélie sur une période de 6 mois. Amélie est une personne respectueuse et qui a grandement à cœur le bien-être de ses clients. Elle est à l’écoute et elle a su me proposer différents outils en fonction de mes propres besoins ; défis, méditation, tableau de visualisation, etc. J’ai adoré son ouverture, son calme et l’énergie qu’elle dégage. Nos rencontres FaceTime passaient toujours trop vite! Si tu sens le besoin d’être accompagné pour relever des défis, pour atteindre tes objectifs et avoir une vie plus équilibrée, Amélie saura t’aider, c’est certain!!! Merci Amélie pour tous tes précieux conseils, tu as laissé une belle trace dans mon cheminement personnel et spirituel 🌺🙏.

Sandi ~ Coaching Client

When I signed up to work with Amelie, my goals were to modify my diet, establish an exercise routine and to feel my best. I wanted to feel physically stronger, fit and more energetic, and emotionally calm and focused. Amelie coached me through whatever challenges I was facing and with her understanding, yet no nonsense, support and guidance enabled me to modify my habits and thinking and also she gave me tools to use moving forward in order to continue to maintain a lifestyle that is suited to help me stick to my goals.  I’m extremely happy I signed up to work with Amelie and I highly recommend her services and programs!

Chris Garwood ~ Economic Development Supervisor~ Norfolk County

At Norfolk County we strive to engage speakers of the highest competence for our workshop series. We were most pleased with Amelie’s presentation and the general feedback from the attendees were overwhelming positive. We look forward to working with Amelie again

Carole, Coaching Client

I am writing my story hoping it will inspire you to be your best self and to contact Amélie Chanda to coach you all the way to the finish line.  In October 2018, I reached a point where I could no longer tolerate buying clothes in THAT size and having my belly fold over the top of my jeans. Six years prior, I had been involved in an accident, which left me with life changing injuries, or so I thought. It took at least 4 years of rehabilitation to be able to walk “normally”. By that point, exercising was a thing of the past and being sedentary, unmotivated and gaining weight had become my new normal. I had accepted that the pain in my ankle, hip and knee prevented me from walking too much, taking the stairs or even thinking of going for a hike. My once active life had been completely replaced with a long commute, busy work schedule and going out to eat (a lot). That was until I decided that at the age of 50, I had to change my life around or risk being faced with self-induced health issues. This task seemed insurmountable and I knew I couldn’t possibly do this by myself. It was than that I searched for a local personal trainer but instead found Amélie Chanda, a Wellness Coach.  Amélie taught me to put myself first, to learn to say “no” and to realize that I had plenty of time in my busy life to be active and to make my own meals. She started me off very slow by re-introducing me to walking, changing my eating habits, one meal at a time, fitting in a few minutes of fitness every day and making me commit, each week, to reaching new and more challenging goals. Bit by bit, my body started to change, my mood started to change and my life started to change. After six months of coaching with Amélie, I now make healthy meals and food choices, I lost over 30lbs and 23 inches, I walk, bike or exercise every day, I take the stairs, but best of all…I don’t have hip or ankle pain and despite the instability in my knee I am strong enough to do burpees and jump squats!! Amélie has given me the confidence and the tools I needed to make my health a priority and to achieve what I thought was the impossible.  She truly changed my life and I can’t say thank you enough.

Emily Smith ~ Co-Host ~ Women Means Business

Amelie Chanda presented to our group about Work & Healthy Living and she was fantastic!  She provided us with tools to implement in our lives to help us find balance and help empower us to live a more fulfilling life; heart, body & soul.  Thank you Amelie for your words of wisdom, your advice is very much appreciated and your story is inspiring to us all.  Keep doing what you are doing, it is what you were meant to do!

Andrea - Coaching Client

I’ve been a bit sceptical about working with a coach, but after finding myself in a reoccurring state of overwhelm I decided to reach out to Amélie with the hope of gaining insight and perspective on how to better manage my time, and how to let go of my fear and self-destructive behaviours. One of the things that surprised me most about working with Amélie was how easily I was able to open up to her and how honest and emotional our conversations were. Through genuine love and care, Amélie opened doors of self-discovery not only surrounding my own core values and beliefs, but also regarding how I needed to align these with my home-life and within my business.
Amélie is a positive, encouraging and completely non-judgemental human being that fully assesses her clients individually and provides them with resources for growth and personal reflection. Not only does she fully commit to giving you the tools to break free of emotional struggles in your daily grind, but she also assesses your lifestyle to determine how your physical and nutritional activities are affecting your emotional state of being.
I have gained great insight by working with Amélie. She has taught me to listen to my own voice, to be kind to myself, to trust my intuition, and she has introduced me to the power of self-care through yoga & meditation. By listening deeply to the tenor of my voice, reading my emotional cues, and asking powerful questions, Amélie has helped me to further pursue and identify my unique passions. She has taught me to challenge my assumptions, to be accountable to my values, and to celebrate my accomplishments no matter how large or small they may be.
I am stronger as a mother, wife and business professional for pursuing this process with such a powerful coach. Most importantly, I feel more connected to myself and aligned with my purpose. I now fully understand the importance of time for self-care and I have the courage to serve in a more powerful way.

Rachel Riddle- University of Guelph - Simcoe Research Station

The staff at the Simcoe Research Station extend our gratitude to Amelie for her Lunch and Learn presentation on “Creating the time you need to accomplish your goals”. We thoroughly enjoyed the engaging presentation that gave us lots of ideas on how to set time aside for ourselves and reduce daily stress. The meal you provided was delicious and provided us with ideas on healthy meal preparation. Thank you Amelie for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us and we would highly recommend you to anyone that is looking for an informative talk about personal wellness!

Doreen- Private Yoga Client

The yoga classes with Amelia was a birthday gift from my daughter. Thank you! The yoga classes always began by Amelie checking in the see how my week was and how I was feeling and what I felt was important to work on for each session. It felt like I was talking to my best friend who "cared". The classes were especially helpful during a time when I was dealing with my Mom's declining health and other family issues. The relaxation, breathing, bringing the mind back to me allowed me to work through this stressful time. I released so much emotion I cried. I've never experienced anything like this before. These yoga sessions made me more aware of my body both spiritually and emotionally. I would recommend Amelie highly to anyone who is interested. The experience far exceeded my expectation...Thank you! Doreen

Amy Martin ~ Grand Erie Chapter, MS Society of Canada

On behalf of the Grand Erie Chapter, MS Society of Canada, I would like to thank Amelie for coming to speak to our Lunch and Learn group this month. We loved your presentation and the variety of information you touched on was very helpful. Members have provided feedback stating they loved the tangible solutions you offered for them to get started on living an active lifestyle even if it's just for a few minutes per day, or starting with a better breakfast. Thank you kindly for your time and expertise. I would highly recommend Amelie's presentation to any business or service club.

Marion ~ Coaching Client

I would like to thank Amelie for the enormous impact she has had on my lifestyle over the past few months! She started by asking what my goals were, which made me think seriously about my priorities. As a result, I received a personalized program, rather than fitting into an existing program. I focused on nutrition, exercise, yoga and meditation. In addition, I asked Amelie if we could work in French so my French language skills were updated! My experience was that Amelie could pinpoint a focus for me, something I could have done for myself but which I was unable to separate from all the other threads running through my life. For example, she said, "You enjoy exercising outdoors." Amelie provides resources such as recipes, exercises, even workout music! There are tracking sheets and readings to use in meditation. This coach encourages, points out changes in direction, and is always supportive of your personal needs. An unforgettable experience!

Karen Matthews ~ Coaching Client

Amelie Chanda is a rock star! For the first time in my life, I was able to work with someone who had my back 100% of the time. My goal to become fit and ride 15 kms on a mountain bike felt overwhelming. But each week Amelie helped me make a plan, be accountable for the plan, and work the plan so that I could reach my goals. Everyone can see the physical change that 60 pounds brings, but the internal change was huge too! I feel great. I love to get out and try new things. I learned to stand up paddle board, and with Amelie’s helped, did a second challenge taking us from Port Ryerse to Port Dover on our boards! I am enthusiastically embracing this new, fabulous life! Thank you Amelie for your amazing patience, your believing that we could do this, and coaching me to my new self. I love it!

Brenda Cooper ~ Coaching Client

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started with Amelie.  After my first meeting I knew that Amelie and her services was just what I needed to achieve my goals.  After 3 months of supportive coaching, I have learned to make healthy food choices, put myself ahead of others, meditate and learning how to deal with stress in different methods.  Amelie is very approachable and keeps in touch with you to make sure you stay on track.  I didn’t just reach my goals but I surpassed them - - I got this!!!”

Debbie ~ Coaching Client

I had the pleasure of having Amelie as my life coach. Amelie was instrumental in getting my life back on track. I was in a dark place in my life and working with Amelie changed all that. She is very compassionate and knowledgeable. She got me to set goals and helped to meet them. She is very active and got me to exercise on a regular basis. She also helped me with nutrition and eating a balanced diet. I highly recommend Amelie

Coaching Client ~ Cancer Survivor ~ Port Dover

Amélie, I just wanted to say thank you for your inspiration and friendship over the last few months. With your guidance and inspiration and God’s grace I have been able to grow even more deeply not only in my spiritual relationship with God but also with those people around me. You have provided me with life tools I had not experienced before. I love the meditations and the yoga that we shared. I loved our intense conversations,  I loved the laughs , I loved the aha moments. I also love all you have done in our community in encouraging healthy lifestyles and empowering people both young and old. You are on the way to creating a fine legend for yourself, you should be proud. Namaste 🙏🏻

Laurie H- Yoga client

I highly recommend Amelie’s yoga classes.  She leads her classes with options for the beginner and advanced yogi’s alike.  As an added bonus, Amelie’s poses questions throughout the class to bring your awareness to yourself, your body, mind and spirit.  In these fast paced and high stress times, you couldn’t ask for a better person in your corner encouraging you to look after you. Amelie offers more than just a generic yoga class, come out and see for yourself.  You deserve it! - Laurie H.

Karyn Moore- Coaching Client

Because of you........ Because of you, I know when to slow down and appreciate what I have. Because of you, I know when to hydrate myself and breathe Because of you, I know it’s ok to take care of myself over others (including my kids) Because of you, I know it’s ok to say “no” to the things that overwhelm me Because of you, I live in the present and appreciate the now Because of you, I’m able to separate myself from the things in life that consume me Because of you, I breathe in negativity around me and breathe out positivity Because of you, I enjoy my life Because of you, I have a better understanding of true happiness Because of you, I feel grounded Because of you, I have the tools to succeed Because of you, I’m a better mother, lover, friend, daughter and boss Because of you, I am focused and set goals Because of you, I am relaxed because I have the knowledge to know when I need that Because of you, I take care of my mind, body and soul Because of you, I have found myself Because of you, I continue to learn and grow on this journey called life Because of your sacrifices, I have gained confidence and self acceptance.

Thank you Amelie For without your bravery and life change, I would still be struggling with my thoughts and finding my true self. I love you more than words could ever describe. Keep inspiring those around you. This is your legacy. Namaste. Karyn

Bruce Robinson, Director of HR ~ Community Living Access

Amelie provided some much needed thoughtful advice on meditation and mindfulness to our staff teams in November 2017.  She was very professional, responsive and able to connect with the participants so everyone could leave the session having learned something.   Our staff provide continuous round the clock support to people with disabilities in our community.  Amelie’s presentation respected the work that our staff do and the need for hope and mindfulness in times of stress and busyness.  I look forward to seeing Amelie again at one of her GoNorfolk events!

Stacy Lafleche- Directrice École Sainte-Marie

Since September 2016, we’ve had the privilege of receiving Wellness Coach Amélie Chanda on a weekly basis. Offering wellness sessions to our students aged 4 through 13 yrs, she engaged them through differentiated approaches allowing them to feel, to breathe, and to just be. With these tools, our staff and students are better equipped to take on their daily challenges in a more confident manner. We hope Amélie will come back to us in September to pursue our wellness journey.

Mike- Couples Coaching Client, Simcoe, On

As most families do, we struggled with the stresses of our family life and our careers, as well as finding a balance between work, family and healthier living and eating. My wife and I decided to work with Amelie for 6 months, and we met her once a week. At first I was unsure if it would pay off but after 2 to 3 months we started noticing changes in our lifestyle. The changes came slow but they have stuck. We still have some work to do but we our well on our way to living a healthier lifestyle thanks to our commitment to Amelie. The constant communication and weekly meetings with Amelie helped us form permanent healthy habits. If you are looking to make any kind of long lasting positive change in your life, I strongly recommend her help and guidance. Mike Lefler

Renee- Coaching Client- Simcoe, on

I recently completed my 6 months session with Amelie and I am very pleased with the outcome. Being active and eating healthy has always been a struggle for me and I was always jumping on and off the fitness/diet train. I felt frustrated with myself at times and needed some guidance and support. This is when I decided to reach out to Amelie for help. Her approach is authentic, no tricks up her sleeve, no secrets antidotes but simply a commitment to guide you every step of the way. Amelie was able to help me determine my areas of struggle and with that create goals that were attainable and sustainable. Her connectedness during this process is something I really valued, always feeling like I was a priority. From this experience I feel like I have gained a friendship as well as self-confidence mentally and physically. Most importantly though, I have the skills and knowledge to continue this lifestyle. Thank you Amelie!!

Ashley Aker - Stonebridge Community Services

"Thanks again for coming and speaking to our participants last Friday. I really loved your presentation, as did the participants and I think everyone took away at least one great piece of information if not more, I know I did. I would love to have you speak again to our next group of participants."

Susan Judd- Coaching Client

Amelie has been an incredible part of the journey I have taken in the last 6 months as a coach, mentor, and friend. Amelie exudes the passion and excitement she has for this role in everything she does. Amelie is always quick to find new and exciting ways to keep you motivated, grounded, and looking forward. She has a glow of positive light that is such a comfort at each weekly session. Amelie has a great sense for knowing when to be tough, and when a gentle hand can help. Amelie has been such a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone looking to make a change in their life. Thanks Amelie for everything!

Cynthia, Norfolk County

Amélie provides wellness training to people of all ages. She is extremely attentive and goes at each client’s pace based on their fitness and mindfulness levels and goals. She seeks to empower clients by focusing on small but achievable goals that have a lasting and positive impact and can be easily incorporated into our daily lives. One example is the act of breathing, which most of us do in a shallow and short manner. Amélie focuses our awareness on our breathing pattern and teaches us how we can reduce stress and fatigue through simple breathing exercises. Amélie is an engaging and insightful coach. She provides knowledge on a number of topics related to wellness such as fitness and lifestyle, mindfulness and meditation, diet and overall health and happiness. She exudes joy and passion and is a delightful person to speak with and follow in yoga sessions and exercise training.

Clark Hoskins: Manager, Tourism & Economic Development, Norfolk County

I really liked how you approached the Lunch and Learn. I think you captivated us, and gave us something to think about. It was just the right length. Plus you pushed our boundaries a bit with the breathing exercise, which is OK too. Cheers, Clark

Couple Wellness Coaching Clients- Simcoe, On

With the friendliness and expertise of Amelie, my husband and I met our goals in no time. My husband dropped 32 lbs in just 12 weeks! I needed to knock off 25 lbs before having a hip replacement and we both feel so much better for it. Because we were away for a lot of our weekly home visits, Amelie was willing to work with us to accommodate our appointments. She always had a challenge for us to keep us engaged and gave us new healthy, protein based recipes with in season ingredients. It is not easy to convince a man he should do yoga and learn to BREATH, but my husband was fully focused on what Amelie was teaching us in the privacy of our own home. Finding Amelie through a reference was the best thing we could have done!

Janet Fulton, Coaching Client

About three months ago I knew I needed someone to help me figure out how to change my lifestyle to be one of health and happiness. Amelie came along just at the right time, I am thrilled with her coaching! Amelie has given me the knowledge and motivation I was looking for. She is so enthusiastic, motivating, positive, encouraging, knowledgeable, and approachable. The biggest factor for me was that my plan needed to be something I could keep on doing after I was finished my “program” with Amelie. I am confident that I am going to be able to continue to live the way I am now come April when I’m officially done working with her. She has incorporated my family, work, goals, likes and dislikes into creating and ever changing my program. I would highly recommend working with Amelie if you feel you need someone to guide you through a lifestyle change.

Karyn Kemp, Coaching Client

I recently started my journey to find inner happiness and become the best version of myself. The decision to invest money in myself didn't come easy. I felt extremely guilty about spending money/time on re­focusing my beliefs and path. One day it hit me, this is for me and I deserve to live life to fullest. Enjoy my family and friends, be confident in my career and the path I have chosen.

I couldn't feel more confident about the choice to have Amelie guide me on this journey. She is mother, wife and career women who understands the struggles I face balancing my life. She has methods and techniques that have worked in balancing her own life, which she can now apply to her recommendations, however; she also understands we all have different needs, lifestyles and challenges. Her skills to motivate, inspire and soul search are truly a gift from god. I couldn’t be more pleased that my friend of 15 years has decided to follow her dreams and help others in so many ways.

Before beginning my first session I felt frustrated, angry and agitated. After 10 minutes with Amelie during meditation I began to cry. What an excellent release. I was holding all these emotions inside my body. After our session, I felt calm, relaxed and well balanced. I'm looking forward to my transformation over the next 6 months. The time is now, don’t waste any more of your life feeling anything but pure happiness. Follow your bliss!

Karyn Steinhoff, Norfolk County

Jamie Lee Martin

Amelie has been a major inspiration and motivator for me since first meeting her in 2007. Her cooking tips and fitness expertise allowed me to acquire the knowledge and skills I needed to live a healthy lifestyle. For years now I have admired Amelie’s devotion to yoga and nutritious meal planning! Beyond all this Amelie is a natural leader and a passionate mentor.

Jamie Lee Martin Grand Prairie, AB

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